Mona's Kitchen is the place to go for a good meal in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

Mona's Kitchen, established in 2018 in Wilmington, sharing it with many who have come to know and love their food. continue to serve the local community and surrounding area. The family behind Mona's Kitchen is familiar to Wilmington. The Ourdyl family lives in North Reading; Moe and Mona share their jobs with their three kids, and their aunt . Their experience in the food industry for over 20 years continues to grow.

Known for their homemade food, the family relies on their dough made daily from scratch, with the pizza sauce coveted as a family recipe. The vegetables are cut and prepared every day, whilst the homemade pasta sauce has become a secret family recipe as well. Mona's Kitchen's food is made in-house, such as the popular fresh chicken cutlet and homemade veal cutlet, as well as many other dining options. Mona's use only the finest and freshest ingredients. with friendly atmosphere, we welcome you and your family to ours at Mona's Kitchen. Mona's Kitchen is very proud and grateful to serve their local community